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As you read through this web site, you probably see the objectivity that Picket Fence Financial brings to the investment management relationship. Objectivity is critically important for investment management. Do you want someone recommending investment plans that pay them the highest commission or investment management that is in your best interest?

Along with objectivity, consistency is essential ininvestment management. Our investment plans focus on earning you a consistent return that lets you sleep soundly at night. Our financial planners do this through four steps: diversification, tax efficiency, low costs, and risk mitigation. To discover how our financial advisors achieve these steps, please review our financial planning firms’ investing principle videos below:

Investing Principle 1: Efficient Markets

Investing Principle 2: Keeping Expenses and Taxes Low Part 1

Investing Principle 2: Keeping Expenses and Taxes Low Part 2

Investing Principle 3: Diversification and Rebalancing Part 1

Investing Principle 3: Diversification and Rebalancing Part 2

Picket Fence Financial founder, Kirk Kinder, specializes in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). He teaches other investment management advisors on the use of ETFs at industry conferences and has contributed a chapter to an academic text on the subject. Without discussing the nuances, ETFs are an instrument that have existed since the early 1990s. ETFs provide greater transparency, lower costs, tax efficiency, and more instant liquidity than mutual funds.

Also, if you are the kind of person that hates how unreadable brokerage statements are, then you will love our investment management reports. Our financial planning advisors simplify your life by providing one easy-to-read report showing you how much you have earned on your investments after all fees and expenses. Our financial advisors will also give you a consolidated tax report each year so nor you or your tax preparer have to spend hours determining your capital gains tax.

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